Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register for an account on

That depends: Fairfield University students and employees (everyone who has a StagCard) is welcome to set up a user account, and to use the site, you must complete a one-time registration.

The first time you log in with your Net ID and password, you will be asked to enter some demographic information, including your e-mail address, but most importantly your FAIRFIELD ID NUMBER.

Make sure your ID number is entered correctly; once that is done, your StagCard account information will be linked with your NetID.

Do I need to register to make a deposit?
No.  Parents and others who want to make a deposit to another’s StagBUcks account do not need to register.  Instead, when you first visit, click on the “Make a StagBucks Deposit” button at the bottom of the screen.  

When you do that, a different login prompt will appear, asking for the recipient’s eight-digit Fairfield ID number and e-mail address.

What if I don’t have the recipient’s ID number?  What if the e-mail address I have is wrong?
No problem!  Call the StagCard Office at (203) 254-4009 and we will take your deposit information over the phone.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Any card (debit or credit) bearing a Master Card or Visa logo are accepted on our website.

Can I use this site to change my meal plan?
No.  Meal plan changes are accepted at, which is live the first two weeks every semester.  For assistance, please visit the StagCard Office in the Barone Campus Center.

What can I use this site for?
Besides making a StagBucks deposit?  Lots of things, including:
Checking the balances of your StagBucks, Dining Dollars, Laundry and StagPrint accounts
See how many meals you have left for the week or semester.  If you’re on the Unlimited Meal Plan, you’ll see a sideways-8 character (meaning you have “infinite” meals left for the semester)
Generate an account statement
Deactivate and reactivate a lost StagCard